My InstaTeam

The Small Business Solution

We Will Do What You Hate, So That You Can Do What You Love!

The My InstaTeam Small Business Solution offered by Rewrite 365 gives you access to an outsourced, virtual team to handle the tasks that you hate so that you can focus on building your empire!  As a small business owner or entrepreneur your valuable time and brain power should be directed towards activities like strategic initiatives, product launches and content creation. Let us handle the rest.

How does this work?

When you sign up, you will be assigned to a Client Support Specialist (CSS) who will handle your account. You will communicate the tasks that you need completed each week or month and your CSS will supervise the completion of your tasks.  For some tasks there are set hourly deductions and for others the deduction will be based on the time is takes for the team to finish the tasks.  Each month you will receive the amount of hours based on your subscription plan. All unused hours roll over to the next month. 

1.  Determine the tasks you want to outsource.

2.  Select your plan.

3.  Provide detailed direction for your tasks in writing to your assigned CSS.

4.  Focus on being strategic and growing your business while we handle the details.

All of our work is guaranteed. 

What Can We Do For You?

Online Marketing

  • Social Media Management (20 hours)

  • Email Marketing Management (20 hours)

  • Sales Funnel (40 hours)

  • Development of webinar templates (5 hours)

  • Website Development starts at 40-hours

Content to Course

  • Creation of an online course using your existing content (20 hours per course):

    • Blogs

    • Live Videos

    • Papers

    • Workbooks

    • Books



  • Online Customer Support

  • Setting Up Task Lists and Reminders

  • Email/ Calendar Management

  • Research

  • Manage Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Data Entry

  • Compile Potential Customer Lists


$95 monthly/ $950 annually

$190 monthly/ $1,900 Annually

$380 monthly/ $3,800 Annually

$760 monthly/ $7,600 annually